"GORGEOUS!!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH DARLING! you've filled our bakery with so much joy!" Fadi @ Sugar Daddy's Bakery, Washington, D.C. (2014)

"They arrived and we love them. Can't wait to see the bags. The way you merchandise the wallets is wonderful!"  Reynold's Garden Shop, NJ (2014)

"Another bride, another apron! You are my go-to bridal shower gift!" Nelia, NY (2012)

"Every bride I know, knows you! And, they all love their aprons!" Caroline, Washington DC (2010)

"My Sister in Law and Mom are both loving the apron and loved the packaging too - I was home last week and heard all about the wooden spoon! Saw that anthropologie is also selling similar aprons now but not nearly as preshrunk as yours!!! :). You are Daily Candy material!" -Colby, London, England (2009)

"Your apron was a big hit:) I really like the direction of the products." Sergio, Austin, TX 2013

“I just LOVE sweet as pie designs!  They created the most adorable and unique aprons for my bridal party gifts.  Each of my bridesmaids felt so special having a one of a kind apron!  Thank you, sweet as pie!!!" Anne, CA (2011)

"I love my apron. I'm about to cook for my friends in it now!!!!" Jamie, NY (2011)

"It's really true, if you LOOK good, you FEEL good!" Kathy, Pie Town, NM (2013)

"I am so in LOVE with this fabric." Marci, CA (2009)

"My wife absolutely loves the owl apron! We will take a picture of her cooking with it and send it to you! Wes, MI (2011)

"I bought by boyfriends Mother a beautiful apron for Christmas last year, she just graduated from the French Culinary Institute, and I figured, what better way then to buy her something that fit her personality and she absolutely loved it! She still keeps it on a mannequin in her kitchen to display when she is not wearing it! We love sweet as pie designs!! Megan, NJ (2010)

Purchased a sweet as pie apron for myself as well as my favorite lil cutie pie, my 2 1/2 year old niece! We both love them to pieces!!!!! Such unique and crafty designs that allow for each wearer to have their very own, one of a kind, personalized and fashion forward apron. <3" Kimberley, NJ (2010)

"I got my apron today!!! It was a big hit in the Tanzini house!! Thank you so much I can't wait to wear it for Christmas cooking this year!!" Kate, NJ (2010)

"Let's do an apron Calendar!" Jeff, NY (2010)

"We got the aprons!  They look great, you can let the world know we have them in stock again.  Thanks!" -Reynolds Garden Shop, NJ (2009)

"We only have one apron left. New shipment!" -Reynolds Garden Shop, NJ (2009)

"Super cute! I love it! I'm using my bag today!" Jen, AZ (2012)

"I had you guys make a custom apron last fall for a birthday gift. It was a major hit with my daughter's friend. Now, I would like to get an apron for my own daughter!"  Marcie, MD (2012)

"Omgosh, my beautiful girlfriend just sent me pics of her in the apron you made her, she is adoooorable in it! Had to share!" Heather, CA (2012)

"Love this!" Cynthia, CA (2010)

"I live in my new apron it's fabulous! Thanks so much!" Chelsea, SC (2010)

"This is one hot apron-it almost seems criminal to cook in it!"  Eurika, Washington DC (2010)

"I love my apron I got last winter I want another one and a bag so cute!"  Katie, NJ (2010)

"There's nothing like a pretty apron!!  Some people underestimate the power of the apron to set the mood!" Patti, NJ (2009)

"I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE my apron! cutest designs ever!" Karyn, CO (2010)

"I absolutely love my apron." Marilyn, NJ (2009)

“LOVE my apron. I still need to send you a picture! They are amazing and unique aprons!" Kelly, PA (2010)

"My mom's apron is so cute! Momma Webb Loves it! thanks again!" Ashley, PA (2012)

"Love, love, LOVE!" Christa, NY (2011)

"The aprons went over awesome!!! Everyone LOVED them!" Kim, NJ (2010)

"They look fabulous...thank you so much!  Happy Holidays" Jen, DE (2009)

"My friend Kelly brought in her apron to show me today, it's soooo cute! I love the little strawberry patch on the pocket!" Ashley, PA (2010)

"I just gave my mom that apron I had ordered for her bday and she loved it!" Kelly, LA (2011)

"Que Chulo!" Libes, Dominican Republic (2012)

“I had nothing but an awesome experience dealing with Kathryn and Sweet as Pie designs. My apron came out amazing and I always get a ton of compliments when I wear it during my dinner parties. The designs I could choose from were super cute, delivery was quick and the quality is great! Thank you again Sweet as Pie!” Ashley, NY (2013)

“Katheryn and Sweet As Pie have gone above and beyond time and time again to provide beautiful designs and high quality products to their customers. I purchased several items from Sweet As Pie as special occasion gifts for people that I love because I know that they will deliver a quality product. Even when I need something custom made in a hurry, Sweet As Pie has able to provide a fantastic product made with love that I know will be cherished.” Nelia, NY (2013)

“I would highly recommend Kathryn and her business, Sweet as Pie Designs. I have known Kat for many years and her professionalism, work ethic, and creativity mean that I now have the cutest aprons ever and so do my relatives! :-) I can't wait to add to my collection of Sweet as Pie aprons!” Kelly, FL (2013)

“I could not be more happy with my purchases from Kathryn at Sweet As Pie Designs. She has many affordable cute options that make great gifts. Working with Sweet As Pie was affordable, quick, reliable, and easy. It was a great experience.” Karyn, CO (2013)

“Kat sold her Sweet as Pie line in the Noyes Museum's gift shop, and we loved having her adorable and quality handmade aprons and bags! She was always a pleasure to work with - professional, friendly, and in tune with customer preferences. The people who purchased her items saw them and just "had to have" them! Working with Kat was a great experience and I look forward to working with her again in the future.” Jillian, NJ (2013)